White ink tattoos and ultraviolet or UV lights can create one of the coolest tattoo designs available.  If you spend a lot of time under black lights in clubs or at raves, you can be sure that this will cause many heads to turn.  The combination of the UV light and the white ink causes the tattoo to glow very brightly.

Many people get white ink tattoos for its unique and subtle appearance on pale skin.  While this is true, a UV light can show all of the intricacies of  the tattoo design.  To see how a white ink tattoo will look under UV lights, check out the gallery below.

As with any other tattoo, ask your tattoo artist for past works of white ink tattoos.  This will ensure that your artist is qualified to perform the work and the finished product will turn out well.  Furthermore, this type of tattoo tends to fade quickly and discussing your options will be very helpful in the long run.

White Ink Tattoos Under UV Lights

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